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send me chinese takeout.

Name: Tarmalade.
Age: 20
Loves: mcr, supernatural, games, pork dumplings, spicy ramen, sleep, internet, soda, sleep
Rating: Thick bitch

"If someone could break your neck
Coming up behind you, always coming and you'd never have a clue"

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my former algebra teacher puts a stamp of her own face onto your quiz or test if you get a perfect score

i shit you not


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Due to Popular request I’ve finally got around to making the tutorial for how we made the open front petticoats for Goddess Madoka and Walpurgisnacht. Now, before I get into the details about the making process let me give you a little behind the scenes; When I first set about to making the pair of costumes I had no idea how to do the open front, nor had I seen any tutorials online on how to do this except from making your own cage, which I didn’t have the ability to do in our house. So- The process I used was one based on trial and error; Madoka’s petticoat was the one I made first, and Walpurgis’ was the one I made for the tutorial.
Now! On to the Tutorial! You can find the details under the cut—-
Difficulty Rating: ★★ - Basic techniques that can be perfected over time

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It hurts even from here

I would fucking murder that person

what the fuuuuck


she’s getting ready to go on a date, can you guess who with? i’ll give you a hint: it starts with ‘p’ ends in ‘atsy walker’. also if you’re wondering who’s on the phone it’s my inability to draw collarbones calling bring bring please pick up.

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who fucking did this